Discussion Topic : Gypseous Soil

when we need to simulate Gypsum soil 1- In Finite element method, espicially in standard package like (Plaxis, Geo-Slope.... etc) what are the parameters that related to gypseous soil content and salt content? 2- Regarding to point 1 above, what are the best constitutive relationship that we can chooe in order to simulate gypseous soil
Posted: 20/09/2011 20:50, updated: 01/10/2012 17:30
Waseem Al-Baghdadi

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Philippe Nater

Dear Waseem What especially do you want to model about gypsum soil? Regards Philippe

Waseem Al-Baghdadi

Dear Philippe first of all I am sorry for being that late... I want to study the effect of leaching on the bearing capacity of gypsum soil