Discussion Topic : A New Website launching, ISSMGE TC104 Physical Modeling in Geotechnics

Honorable Members of the ISSMGE and TC104 colleagues,

On behalf of the ISSMGE TC104, I am pleased to welcome you all to this newly launched website. 


This website will be about bridging the gaps between past and future, between young and senior members, and between different physical modeling institutes. Making these connections is the key to greater innovations. 

The website will prepare various programs and share our knowledge and experiences. We would like to invite you all and share our experiences with members. We are ready to reach out and listen to various and valuable voices from members and are willing to reflect their wishes into the program. 

Any questions or suggestions can be emailed to me or our webmaster, Dr. Park, DongSoon ([email protected]).


Best regards,


Dong-Soo Kim

Chair of ISSMGE TC104

Professor, KAIST, Korea

Posted: 07/11/2018 09:02