Discussion Topic : ICPMG 2022 in Daejeon, Korea

ICPMG 2022 in Daejeon, Korea

Dear TC104 in ISSMGE members, 

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) and Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) are very pleased to submit a proposal to host the 10th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics 2022 (ICPMG 2022) in Daejeon korea. With great pleasure, we would like to invite delegates from all over the world to Daejeon, Korea, the center of science and technology. We are ready and prepared to host ICPMG 2022, having acquired the full support and will try to do our best in creating a successful and scientifically stimulating conference.

Outline of Conference

Date: September in 2022, 4 days 

Venue: Daejeon Convention Center or KAIST

Organized by: KAIST and K-water

City: Daejeon, Republic of Korea 

Hosted by: ISSMGE TC104 and Korean Geotechnical Society


Strategies for ICPMG 2022

1. Great research products, great partnership

KAIST and K-water are leading the research community on physical modeling in Korea and have been producing many excellent research outcomes. Also, we trying to initiate joint research programs on physical modelling technology, and other activities as well. Participating TC104, we thought that hosting the ICPMG in Daejeon where two large geotechnical centrifuge facilities (5m radius in KAIST, 8m radius in K-Water) are located can be meaningful in our research community. There have been always active collaborations among research groups all around the world and we are sure that this joint-host can be a good example of collaboration to introduce to our community.

2. Strong Academic Program

The host organization, KAIST and K-water, incorporating with the ISSMGE TC104 members, offer various programs with newly-developed techniques, extensive support program for participants especially for young leaders and centrifuge facility tour. 

3. Strong & Secured Financial Sponsorship

Daejeon Metropolitan City and the Korean government and global companies in Korea are particularly keen to subsidize the geotechnics industries and institutes. Generous subventions will enable the ICPMG 2022 to promote opportunities for greater collaborations and sharing ideas amongst parties involved.

4. Offering Unique Experience in Daejeon, Korea

Korea encompasses a 5,000-year long standing history, tradition and culture. Participants for the ICPMG 2022 can enjoy series of exciting cultural events and visit unique tourist spots via spouse or pre and post tour programs. Also, social programs for the ICPMG 2022 will be developed to highlight the aspect of culture, natural and scientific environment of Daejeon korea.

Korea, Shining with a Balance of the Old and the New

There are various tourists' destinations in Korea where visitors can fully enjoy the scenic natural environment and the fragrance of Korea's long history. Traditional cultural programs and tasty hansik (Korean cuisine) are just part of this attractive nation. Hallyu, or the Korean Wave, is reaching out to the world beyond Asia, promoting the national brand of Korea. Koreans are ready to receive ICPMG participants with open arms.

Daejeon, the City of Science and Culture

Daejeon is geographically located at the heart of Korea and is leading hub in the field of R&D and higher education in Northeast Asia. "Daedeok Innopolis" is a unique science cluster including over 70 world-class research institutes with more than 20,000 researchers. In addition, this brand new convention city is equipped with a superb transportation infrastructure, state-of-the-art convention facilities, a wide selection of attractions, and accommodations.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you.

Dong-Soo KIM 

Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Director of KOCED Geotechnical Centrifuge Testing Center KAIST, Daejeon, Korea

Posted: 16/11/2018 13:11