Professional Image Committee

Professional Image Committee

Members 14
Board Level Committee

The PIC will be composed of the following members:

  • Chair: Ikuo Towhata
  • Vice Chair: To be decided
  • Committee Secretary: To be decided
  • 14 Members (approximately): To be decided by considering the geographic balance of the six regions of the ISSMGE. 

Collaboration with Corporate Associates and related Technical Committees is important. The members will be suggested to the President and Board of ISSMGE and will be appointed by the President. All the members are expected to serve until ICSMGE in Sydney, 2021. Efforts will be made to represent all continents but participation of concerned Technical Committees and Corporate Associates will be sought for. The Board will have the right to discontinue the membership of a PIC member in case of poor performance. A Vice-Chair and a Secretary will be selected by the PIC Chair and suggested to the ISSMGE President and Board.

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