Reinforced Fill Structures (TC218)

Reinforced Fill Structures (TC218)

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Technical Committee

TC Chair: Giulia Lugli

Short name: Reinforced Fill Structures (TC218)

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TC218 Meeting Minute - Sept 2020 11/12/2020 16:38 To download the file, please click on the link below:… 0 N/A
E-meeting Railroad Applications - May 2020 11/12/2020 16:28 With the purpose of keeping the conversation and activities engaging, TC218 proposed to start an E-mai… 0 N/A
Construction Best Practices 11/12/2020 16:03 The installation of Reinforced Fill Structures should be performed according to project requirements. … 0 N/A
Description for Terms 11/12/2020 10:31 The intent for this glossary is to provide descriptions of terms used in Mechanically Stabilized Earth… 0 N/A
Codes Interpretation 10/12/2020 17:29 The intent for this document is to provide descria comparison on selected topics related to Mechanical… 0 N/A
Minutes from TC218 Committee Mtg Held on September 2, 2019 at ECSMGE 2019 25/09/2019 16:25 17th ECSMGE Minutes of Post-Discussion Meeting for TC218 MINUTES Date of Meeting Monday September … 0 N/A
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION ON JOINING VIDEOCONFERENCE CALL 25/09/2019 16:14 The TC218 committee holds regular quarterly videoconference calls on a rotating basis to accommodate t… 0 N/A
Minutes from TC218 Conference Call on March 5, 2019 14/05/2019 14:11 Recorded minutes from conference call on March 5, 2019 are available on request from jsankeyreinforced… 0 N/A

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