System Performance of Geotechnical Structures (TC219)

System Performance of Geotechnical Structures (TC219)

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TC Chair: Gang Zheng

System performance includes but no limit to the System Safety Performance, System Resilience Performance, Constructability Performance, and Low Environmental Impact Performance. To improve the system performance of geotechnical structures, give the engineers the practical systematic framework and apply this knowledge to design and assessment procedures, the performance based design theories have been proposed in recent years and continue to be an active area of research. The TC219 aims to disseminate and develop knowledge and practice on performance based design methodologies in geotechnical engineering. To promote cooperation and expertise exchange within the research area of system performance, this TC will deal with the following important technical issues:

Organize the international conferences, symposiums and technical workshops with the aims to promote cooperation and exchange of information concerning the active areas of research and developments on system performance in geotechnical practice, such as the 1st International Conference on System Performance in Geotechnical Engineering, intended to be organized at the end of 2020 or the beginning of 2021;
Host a workshop or special session at the next ICSMGE, Sydney 2021;
Create webinars for technical training purpose and encourage members to contribute to ISSMGE program of webinars;
Encourage members to give keynote lectures, state-of-the-art lectures, general reports for conferences organized by the International Society, regional conferences and conferences organized by member societies.

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