Mr. Andrea Mastrangelo

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Senior Engineering geologist - Enser Srl

  • Geotechnical Engineer Engineering Geologist Geophysicist Geological Engineer Geologist


  • Constitutive Modelling / Soil Behavior Modelling Data Management Engineering Geology Shallow foundations Pile Foundations Landfill engineering Seismic
    Geosynthetics for Reinforcement Earthquake reconnaissance Seismic slope stability Liquefaction engineering Grouting Lime Stabilization Groundwater pumping CPT SPT Pressuremeter Dilatometer Laboratory testing Landslides Offshore Geotechnics IT Marketing Management Railway Geotechnics Reconnaissance of Natural Disasters Residual soils Retaining walls Risk & Reliability Rock Mass Characterization Slope Stability Analysis Slope Stabilization Soil Dynamics in-situ Settlements Shear strength of ground materials Tunneling in soils Underground structures

  • MSc or Equivalent
    • Geological Science - University of Bologna (Italy) : 16/10/2000 - 23/03/2006

  • EurGeol European Federation of Geologist, 2015

  • Enser Srl : ( 25/09/2006 - Present )
    • Senior Engineering geologist

    • ➢ project management: developing of commercial and technical proposals matching with the SoW, planning the engagement of resources and milestones scheduling, management of the dealing stage and liaison with Clients, developing of contracts, cost monitoring,
      ➢ planning, management and supervision of geotechnical/seismic site and laboratory investigations (both in-site and overseas);
      ➢ processing and interpreting geological, geotechnical and seismic data to produce thematic maps and geotechnical modelling for civil engineering design;
      ➢ geological, environmental mapping and rock mass classification, stability analysis of foundations and artificial/natural slopes, settlement evaluation of spread foundations; site seismic response and liquefaction hazard assessment;
      ➢ designing traditional or advanced monitoring networks for structures/infrastructures and landslides;
      ➢ compiling of relevant geological studies / geotechnical reports.
  • Studio Gi.Ga. : ( 01/06/2006 - 31/07/2006 )
    • Junior Engineering Geologist

    • A brief but intensive experience about collection of geological and hydrogeological data, processing and management, with a strong emphasis on rock mass classification for the detailed design of tunnels for a new Italian speedway “SS 77 Civitanova Marche – Foligno”.

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