Mr. Joaquim Tinoco

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Researcher - University of Minho

Researcher - University of Minho

  • Civil Engineer Geotechnical Engineer


  • Data Management Grouting Deep Soil Mixing Landslides Slope Stability Analysis

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • Application of Data Mining Techniques to Jet Grouting Columns Design - Universidade do Minho : 01/09/2008 - 21/12/2012

  • University of Minho : ( 01/06/2008 - Present )
    • Researcher

    • Application of artificial intelligence tools/advanced statistics analysis (Data Mining) to Geotechnical problems, namely in the study of soil cement mixtures behaviour, particularly resulting from Jet Grouting and Cutter Soil Mixing technologies, as well as in the stability condition study of engineered (human made) slopes.
  • University of Minho : ( 01/06/2014 - Present )
    • Researcher

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