Dr. Cristina Vulpe

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  • Geotechnical Engineer


  • Retaining walls Shallow foundations Pile Foundations Oil & Gas Other energy Soil Structure Interaction Seepage
    CPT Pressuremeter Borehole logging Laboratory testing Centrifuge Testing Constitutive Modelling / Soil Behavior Modelling Finite Element / Finite Difference Offshore Geotechnics Slope Stability Analysis Settlements Shear strength of ground materials Soil Behavior Modeling

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • PhD - École des Ponts ParisTech : 01/10/2008 - 26/03/2012

  • OMAE Outreach for Engineers Specialty Forum scholarship Ocean, Offshore, and Arctic Engineering Division, ASME, 2014

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English High High High
French High Medium Medium
Italian High Medium High
Romanian High High High

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