Dr. David Nutakor

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Head of Geotechnical & Hydrogeological Engineering Department - Rio Tinto California Operations

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  • Satellite-based Seismic Seismic slope stability Groundwater pumping CPT SPT Borehole logging
    Instrumentation Laboratory testing Landslides Mining Constitutive Modelling / Soil Behavior Modelling Finite Element / Finite Difference Rock Mass Characterization Slope Stabilization Slope Stability Analysis Shear strength of ground materials Soil Behavior Modeling

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • PhD in Mine Geotechnical Engineering - Missouri University of Science and Technology : 09/01/2006 - 19/12/2008

  • Rio Tinto California Operations : ( 07/01/2013 - Present )
    • Head of Geotechnical & Hydrogeological Engineering Department

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