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Independent Consultant - EMC2 Pichaco Associates

  • Geotechnical Engineer


  • Slope Stability Analysis Reconnaissance of Natural Disasters Tailings dams Levees CPT SPT Borehole logging
    Laboratory testing Residual soils Seismic slope stability Liquefaction engineering Soil Structure Interaction Shallow foundations Shaft foundations Deep Excavations Stabilization Lime Stabilization Landslides Slope Stabilization Pile Foundations

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • Candidate for PhD Geomechanics - University of Arizona : 01/08/1997 - 01/08/2015
  • MSc or Equivalent
    • MS Geoenvironmental - New Jersey Institute of Technology : 01/06/1994 - 01/10/1996
  • BSc or Equivalent
    • BS Civil Engineering - New : 01/01/1988 - 01/05/1994

  • EMC2 Pichaco Associates : ( 01/01/1992 - Present )
    • Independent Consultant
  • Knight Piesold Pty Ltd : ( 01/03/2012 - 01/06/2015 )
    • Senior Geotechnical Engineer

    • Accomplishments:

      Four Corners Power Plant, San Juan County New Mexico – Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Engineering Design Report Lined Ash Impoundment 5280 Lift URS Corporation, 2010-2011: Designed the geotechnical exploration and laboratory testing programs for the study. Characterized the index and shear strength properties of the fly ash materials using field data supplemented with laboratory test results. Performed comprehensive liquefaction analyses using empirical methods (Seed 2008 and Robertson 2010) supplemented with cyclic direct simple shear (DSS) test results. Performed seepage and slope stability analyses supporting the design of the 5280 Lift and a buttress and pre-load required in North Toe area. Responsibilities included supervising Cone Penetration Test soundings and mentoring a staff engineer in the classification, documentation, and sample preparation for the hollow-stem auger (HSA) borings employing ASTM Standard D2488. 
      Freeport-McMoran, Morenci, Arizona – Senior Geotechnical Engineer, Lonestar Pit Heap Leach Stockpile (2011): Performed feasibility and preliminary design analyses for the construction of an in-pit heap leach stockpile that will encompass the construction of a combined geomembrane and CLP (compacted low-permeability) lined ramp. The ramp will be placed in at the base of the pit using end-dumped construction methods. Analyses for the design of the ramp included total and differential settlements along the surface of the ramp, leakage through a composite liner system, seepage through low-permeability clay liner, and liner pit wall and anchorage details and adit abandonment. Other analyses for the design of the heap leach facility included seepage modelling using the combined raffinate application rate with the design storm event, and the design of the exfiltration zone intended to retain the PLS (pregnant leach solution) until it may infiltrate into the Copper Mountain Heap Stockpile.
  • URS Corp : ( 01/11/2010 - 01/02/2012 )
    • Senior Geotechnical Engineer
  • MWH Global : ( 01/11/2007 - 01/11/2010 )
    • Supervising Geotechnical Engineer

    • Accomplishments:

      Carlota Copper Project, Miami, Arizona – Supervising Geotechnical Engineer for design of South Embankment and Water Storage Impoundment: responsible for the geotechnical design of a water storage impoundment with capacity of 90 (x106) gallons and retrofit on existing embankment. 

      Responsible for the geotechnical design of an in-heap PLS Pond, water storage and metering embankment and process ponds. Performed data reduction on geotechnical laboratory results, and revised design criteria where necessary to utilize geologic materials available on site.
      Performed construction observations for the construction of heap leach pad including metering, PLS and process ponds and for the plant site structures.
      Performed seepage and slope stability analyses for design of a 425 ft high heap leach valley fill heap leach stockpile, modelled as-built stability conditions for the Heap Leach Stockpile, and modelled the effectiveness of stability of the stockpile with interlift drains.
      Performed site reconnaissance and slope stability analyses to back-calculate material strengths and design mitigation of incipient rock slide feature.
      Authored geotechnical report for design and construction of the Main Power Substation for the Carlota Copper Mine in Miami, Arizona.

      Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc., Tyrone, New Mexico – Supervising Geotechnical Engineer, Geotechnical Engineering Site Reconnaissance Report, authored geotechnical site reconnaissance report for mat foundation design for the 4A Raffinate Booster Pump Station at the FMI Tyrone Mine.  The project included designing geogrid reinforcement for a 20 ft thick bearing zone on top of 400 ft of unconsolidated acid-digested ore.
      Main Power Substation, Carlota Copper Company, Carlota Copper, Miami, Arizona – Supervising Geotechnical Engineer, Authored geotechnical report for design and construction of the Main Power Substation for the Carlota Copper Mine in Miami, Arizona.

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