Mr. Felisberto Queta

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Researcher - Agostinho Neto University

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  • MSc or Equivalent
    • Environmental Engineering - The Queen's University Belfast : 11/09/2017 - 10/12/2018

  • Agostinho Neto University : ( 02/09/2019 - Present )
    • Researcher

    • Geologist experienced in geotechnical design and laboratory of soils and rocks, training assistant and scientific research in the field of geology and geotechnics over 5 years. Moreover, I am also experienced in pedagogical aggregation for skills training professionals in university teaching. I am interested in voluntary services and science. I did my MSc degree in Environmental Engineering in the UK. My thesis project was to determine the design base width of a gravity retaining wall according to the Eurocode 7 Design Approaches. Regarding relationships, I'm willing to learn new subjects, face challenges, and easily adapt to a new environment.

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