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Junior Geotechnical Engineer - ZER Geosytem Peru

  • Geotechnical Engineer Geophysicist


  • Shallow Foundations Seismic Geosynthetics for Reinforcement Liquefaction Engineering Soil Structure Interaction Standard Penetration Testing (SPT) Borehole Logging
    Laboratory Testing Pavement Slope Stability Analysis Soil Dynamics In-Situ Shear Strength of Underground Materials

  • ZER Geosytem Peru : ( 04/07/2017 - Present )
    • Junior Geotechnical Engineer

    • I prepare proposals for geotechnical exploration projects.
      I propose the type of geotechnical and geophysical research to be carried out, laboratory tests and duration.
      I coordinate logistics, technical and operational aspects involved in each project.
      I plan the transportation of workers and equipment to the work area.
      I develop fiel survey and extract samples to send to laboratory.

      I supervise the execution of geotechnical explorations and prepare daily reports in:
      -Test pits executed by hand
      -Test pits executed with heavy machinery
      -Sand cone test
      -DPL test
      -SPT test.

      I follow the work procedures and instructions of an ISO 9001 quality system.
      I perform seismic geophysical exploration, MASW and seismic refraction data processing.
      I process field data from field and laboratory geotechnical explorations to send reports to the client.

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