Dr. Marco Uliano

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Sales & Technical Manager Milan Office - Tecno In S.p.A.

  • Civil Engineer Geotechnical Engineer Engineering Geologist Geophysicist Geological Engineer Geologist


  • Aerial Borehole logging CPT Contaminant Transport Data Management Deep Dynamic Compaction Deep Excavations
    Deep Soil Mixing Dilatometer Discrete Element Earthquake reconnaissance Energy Geotechnics Energy from Landfills Engineering Geology Erosion Finite Element / Finite Difference Forensics GPR Geofoam Geomorphology Geosynthetics for Containment Geosynthetics for Flow Geosynthetics for Reinforcement Geothermal Gravity Green Infrastructure Ground Freezing Grouting Human Resources IT Instrumentation Jacked tunnels Laboratory testing Landfill engineering Landslides Legal Levees Lidar Lime Stabilization Liquefaction engineering Management Marketing Material reuse Mechanically Stabilized walls (MSE) Mining Offshore Geotechnics Oil & Gas Other energy Pavement Ports Prefabricated Vertical Drains Pressuremeter Railway Geotechnics Reconnaissance of Natural Disasters Remediation Technology Residual soils Resistivity Retaining walls Risk & Reliability Rock Mass Characterization SPT Satellite-based Seepage Seismic Seismic slope stability Settlements Shaft foundations Shear strength of ground materials Slope Stability Analysis Slope Stabilization Soil Behavior Modeling Soil Dynamics Testing in the Laboratory Soil Dynamics in-situ Soil Structure Interaction Stabilization Structural Geology Tailings dams Tunneling in rock Tunneling in soils Underground structures Unmanned Aerial Systems Visualization

  • Tecno In S.p.A. : ( 12/07/2000 - Present )
    • Sales & Technical Manager Milan Office

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