Mr. Mohamadreza Farshin

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Chairman of the Board - Hamoun Geotechnic Co.

  • Geotechnical Engineer Civil Engineer


  • SPT Borehole logging Laboratory testing Railway Geotechnics Settlements Shear strength of ground materials Shear strength of underground materials
    Pavement Road Embankments

  • Hamoun Geotechnic Co. : ( 11/10/2017 - Present )
    • Chairman of the Board

    • Hamoun Geotechnic Company (HG Co) is an Iranian professional geotechnical and engineering Company provides the most accurate interpretation & geotechnical recommendation of subsurface/soil conditions to help clients save money by adopting appropriate parameters. With technical geotechnical skills and construction experience, we can deliver solutions for a wide range of geotechnical activities that includes collection of disturbed & undisturbed and continued materials samples from the field, boreholes drilling by Auger and double core barrel method, Performing field inspection material tests and laboratory testing of soil, rock, concrete, cement, bitumen and asphalt.

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Unit 2, No 42, 11th St, Gisha, Tehran, Iran View on map




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