Dr. Ricardo Ortiz Hermosillo

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Responsible for Geotechnical Specialization - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

  • Geotechnical Engineer


  • Deep Excavations Retaining Walls Forensics Shallow Foundations Pile Foundations Geofoam Seismic Slope Stability
    Liquefaction Engineering Grouting Landslides Finite Element / Finite Difference Pavement Slope Stabilization Slope Stability Analysis Settlements Tunneling in Soils Deep Foundations

  • PhD or Equivalent
    • Soil Mechanics and Foundations - Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México : 03/09/2001 - 24/09/2009

  • “Nabor Carrillo Flores Award 2017” for Best Research Book- Evaluation of Vulnerability to Sand Liquefaction College of Civil Engineers of Mexico (CICM)., 2017
  • “Manuel Gonzalez Flores Award 2010” for Best Overall Academic Achievement. Mexican Society of Geotechnical Engineering (SMIG)., 2010

  • Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México : ( 03/12/2018 - Present )
    • Responsible for Geotechnical Specialization

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English High High High
Spanish High High High

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Av. San Antonio 67, Nonoalco, 03700 Ciudad de México, CDMX, Mexico, Ciudad de México View on map



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