Mr. Scott Andrew Barnhill

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Executive Vice President/Chief Engineer - GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc.

  • Geotechnical Engineer


  • Shear strength of ground materials Seismic slope stability Shallow foundations Shaft foundations Mechanically Stabilized walls (MSE) Landfill engineering Deep Dynamic Compaction
    Stabilization Resistivity Geofoam Residual soils Pavement Geotechnics Marketing Management Settlements Pile Foundations

  • MSc or Equivalent
    • Master of Science in Civil Enginering - Virginia Tech : 01/09/1977 - 01/12/1979
  • BSc or Equivalent
    • Bachelor of Science in Geology - The College of William and Mary : 01/09/1971 - 01/05/1975

  • GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc. : ( 01/01/1978 - Present )
    • Executive Vice President/Chief Engineer
  • Old Dominion University : ( 01/09/2004 - 01/09/2015 )
    • Adjunct Professor

    • Adjunct professor teaching both graduate and undergraduate students foundation engineering.
  • GeoEnvironmental Resources, Inc. : ( 01/05/1992 - 01/07/2015 )
    • Executive Vice President

    • Mr. Barnhill has held key technical and managerial positions in the areas of environmental and geotechnical engineering for 33 years. He is an adjunct professor of engineering at Old Dominion University teaching foundation engineering. He has been involved in over 6000 projects, predominantly located on the east coast from Maine to Florida. Projects have included DOD projects, such as the Pentagon Basement Renovation, commercial buildings, large industrial and waterfront facilities, coal terminals, roadways, bridges, slope stability, underwater slopes, bulkhead design, underwater retaining walls, foundations, soft soil response, ground reinforcement, and ground improvement. He has developed computer programming in various formats to analyze and evaluate several geotechnical issues. Recently, he has added finite element modeling to enhance company geotechnical abilities. Using the FE method, the company can now evaluate more complex problems that are difficult or impossible to do with conventional methods.
      His environmental experience includes Phase I environmental assessments, Phase II contamination assessments, and Phase III contamination site characterization and risk assessments. He has performed groundwater monitoring, aquifer testing, and computer modeling to evaluate contaminant transport, closed loop groundwater remediation systems and 3D groundwater withdrawal using MODFLOW.
      Specialized Expertise

      In-situ testing for soil properties
      Pavement design
      Shallow and deep foundation systems
      Waterfront structures
      Modeling of soft soil response
      Ground improvements through impact densification, surcharging, and geofabrics
      Computer applications for geotechnical and environmental engineering
      Phase I through III environmental assessments
      Groundwater flow and contaminant fate and transport modeling
      Contaminated groundwater extraction modeling
      Groundwater supply modeling

      Personal RegistrationProfessional Engineer in Virginia and North Carolina
      Professional MembershipsMember of the American Society of EngineersNational Society of Professional EngineersVirginia Society of Professional EngineersNational Groundwater AssociationDeep Foundations Institute
      Continuing Education LRFD Design of Shallow FoundationsLRFD Design of Driven PilesLRFD Design of Drilled ShaftsGRL WEAP Workshop for Analysis of Driven PilesEnhanced In-Situ Testing for Geotechnical Analyses & Foundation Design – Georgia TechHelical Anchors/Piles – Deep Foundation InstituteDesigning with Tensar GeogridsIBM PC Applications in Groundwater Pollution and Hydrology, Princeton UniversityGroundwater Pollution and Hydrology - Princeton UniversityVisual MODFLOW - NGWA Course on USGS’s MODFLOW, MODPATHMT3D Risk Assessment for Environmental Professionals Using API Decision SoftwareContaminant Fate and Transport Using API Decision Support Software
  • Law Engineering : ( 01/05/1978 - 01/05/1992 )
    • Principal Engineer & Manager of the Norfolk Office

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