Back Analysis [i desperately need your expert opinion]

(Area 1 and Area 2 are just ~500 meters apart) In designing slope protection structure, can I use results from back analysis of Area 1  to predict the behavior of Area 2? Or do i have to conduct a separate slope analysis for Area 2? They generally have the same geology and soil type. 

Additional- Im drafting a thesis proposal and i need help in narrowing down our topic. We don't want to conduct a simple slope analysis and design slope structure. We wanted to make our thesis a bit more complicated? ('best thesis' worthy). I need help. 

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Asked 16/05/2018 19:44, updated: 22/05/2018 20:36

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Patrizia Vitale

Hello @Someone

In relation to your first question, generally speaking as a designer you should look at the worst case scenario when selecting the section to analyse. If you see you have quite homogeneous geology profile, water level and soil properties then you should probably go for the worse geometry for excavation. At the same time, you should be aware of the surrounding conditions as well, to take a conscious decision (i.e. existing buildings).

I have not seen the full picture of your project, so take the aforementioned suggestions as guidelines for your back analysis.

For your thesis, there is a world of side topics from which to draw, I have no sufficient information to help you though. My suggestion is to focus on a comparison between design standards, or on the methodology of construction....and so on. If the area of interest is located on a landslide area, then you might focus on slope stabilization techniques, monitoring and risk assessment.

I hope you will find my suggestions helpful. Good luck!