Compacted clays

Hi, does anyody has good references about the behaviour of compacted overconsolidated unsaturated clays?

I have done some unconfined compression tests in undisturbed and remolded samples (90% compaction) and the results are interesting: the unconfined compressive strenght and the secant modulus (E50) are much higher for the remolded samples.  If this is true, I would like to use compacted clays for supporting low loaded structures.

Any information or input will be greatly appreciated.



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Asked 28/06/2017 00:57, updated: 06/07/2017 02:32
Yoshi Kin

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Dimitrios Zekkos

Hi Yoshi,

you are right that there is not much info available on the behavior of  the compacted clays in-situ. We recenty published the attached paper on the in-situ dynamic properties of compacted clays. Overall, our assessment was that indeed the behavior of compacted clays is different than what is typically assumed. It is not exactly what you are looking for as the focus is on dynamic properties of the compacted soils, but I thought it is relevant to the big picture of the field behavior of compacted clays. Regards, Dimitrios

I posted the paper here for you:

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Yoshi Kin

Professor Zekkos,  Thank you for your reply and the reference paper.  I will take a look at it and let me contact you if I have any further questions.  Thank you again for your support.