The landfill has to be constructed on top of the following profile:

0) silty sand (10 m) underlain by

1) Fractured clay till (20 m) underlain by

2) Unfeatured lacustrine clay (40 m) underlain by

3) Coarse sand and gravel (30 m) underlain by

4) Bedrock

The groundwater is in the middle of the fine silty sand and in the middle of coarse sand (confined aquifer)

What is the most economical way to control lateral groundwater migration through the upper silty sand?

a) Eliminate the shallow groundwater in the vicinity of the site by using gravity dewatering

b) Increase the isolation to the groundwater by building up the grade on the site to the high elevation before beginning construction of the landfill

c) Use slurry walls around the perimeter of the site to isolate the landfill from the shallow groundwater

d) Install a leak-proof liner to isolate the waste material from the environment

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Sally Simpson

Cut-off walls are a classic choice for somethign like this, but option (b) is likely to be more economic. It depends on the project requirements, and the risk level you are willing to take. However, the (d) is a necessity in either case.