Efficacy and Reliability of Purely Friction Piles in Highly Seismic Zone.

High column loads, Low Bearing Capacity lead to the option of Friction Piles in Foundations.

No speck of any rocky strata even upto 20 metres and the place is remote, far away from any big cities and hence development activities are few. Good piling contractors are non-existant and inexperienced parties cannot be relied upon to construct piles deeper than 15 metres.Mat foundations are costly because Client's Investment is limited.The place is in Northern part of Bihar(India).

It is in the Highest Seismic Zones of the country.

Determination of capacity of friction piles are based on empirical formulae.

Under the circumstances, friction piling being the only option, knowing reliability of friction piles in Seismic Zone is imperative. Can the forum members give their valuable opinions?

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