Geotechnical bigdata base to do an analysis/data science research

Does anybody know / wants to provide a bigdata base related to the geotechnical/mining or civil engineering field?. The purpouse is to contribute to a data science research. Results from the analysis will be provided if requested. Thanks in advance!.

Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Rock Mechanics Mining Oil and Gas Geology Analysis Research Software Computational Geomechanics

Asked 29/11/2018 00:43, updated: 30/11/2018 15:08

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Hi Maria,

We have an extensive database of geotechnical data (both in situ and lab, mainly offshore) partly digital (excel or csv) and partly on pdf. We could ideally share them but we should understand:

- who is the final user;

- undisclosure agreement;

- where our data will be stored;

- who will have access to these data and results.

I see that you are working in EC. We are more than willing to participate on research projects regarding bigdata as geotechnical consultant (we are more than 30 people in the company).

Thank you

Best regards

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Dear Omar:

Thank you very much for your response. The big data information would be used only for academic purpose. I am doing a MSc in Big Data and I would like to do the thesis oriented to the geotechnical field, as I am civil enginer. My CV in linkedin is:

Of course I will share with you my thesis, giving you the rigths for using it at you best benefit. 

Thank you very much for your interest, I am giving you my email: [email protected] , and we can contact to develop this possible collaboration. Please, if you send me your email I also can contact you.

Thanks again, Maria Megia