Geotechnical Companies in Korea

Hi, I'm looking for local Korean companies who have experience doing geotechnical investigation work (soil borings, soil sampling, lab testing, etc.) for the US military bases installed in Korea.

If you know anybody, I would appreaciate if you can refer them to me.

Thanks much !

Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Design Geotechnical Investigations & In-Situ Testing

Asked 07/01/2020 12:55, updated: 08/01/2020 04:27
Yoshi Kin

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Dimitrios Zekkos


not sure if this helps, but you may want to browse through GeoWorld's Geotechnical Business Directory that lists companies and geo-professionals in South Korea:


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Yoshi Kin

Thank you Professor Zekkos.  I will take a look at the Business Directory.  Thanks again !