Introducing RetainWall 2.00 software

I would like to introduce RetainWall 2.00, a retaining wall engineering design software. RetainWall is a software mainly designed for the purpose of designing a concrete or masonry retaining wall. The wall may retain soil or other granular material. It analyses the stability of the wall based on the loads and the resulting base pressure, sliding, eccentricities and restraints. Loads applied on the wall may consist of self weight, soil pressure, water pressure, live and seismic loads. Sliding restraints may consist of passive earth pressure, other structures or a shear key. If the wall is a reinforced concrete structure, the software also supports the reinforcement design. In addition, a soil pressure calculator is also provided. RetainWall is designed to be an easy application, on-screen trial-and-error method and quick solution finding of the design. A familiar designer can design the wall within minutes. Complete outputs can be viewed on screen or printed. Operation of the software begins from the initial dimensioning of the wall, earth surface and water levels by clicking on the given dimensions. Next is inputting material properties of the wall, soil, water and reinforcement bars. External loads given consist of live load on the ground surface, seismic load as a horizontal seismic coefficient and any concentrated loads if required. Results of the wall stability can be obtained immediately. If they are not satisfied then another trial can be made very quickly. There are also options to use or not to use water, seismic or a shear key. You have the possibility to print your final results. Using the internal forces of the wall, reinforced concrete design can also be done very quickly. It requires only bar diameters and spacings of the reinforcements. RetainWall supports metric, SI and British unit systems. Website:

Download demo:


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Dhani Irwanto

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Dhani Irwanto

Some glitches are inserted in this demo version intentionally. Those are still found in the cracked software. Therefore, this cracked software can not be used to design a retaining wall. Thanks for your information.

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Jakub Jacobjacob

Try retaining wall design software from Fine company. It covers wide range of walls (cantilever, gravity, masonry, block-prefab, gabion, sheet piling walls etc.) with possibility to verify the external stability of a wall. Further info:

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Dhani Irwanto

RetainWall 2.50 has been released. Features for the new version are: # Load and resistance factors design (LRFD) capable.

# Ready to use load and resistance factors combinations from AASHTO 2007, ACI 318-08 and IBC 2006.

# Load and resistance factors editor to modify or create new combinations # Concrete reinforcement design from ACI 318-08.

# Force diagrams (moment, shear and normal) for every combination.

# Loads, resistances and reactions diagrams for every combination.

# Wall stabilities (bearing, sliding, overturning, rotation) for every combination.

# Possibilities to choose active or at rest soil pressures.

# Possibilities to choose elastic (rock) or plastic (soil) bearing pressures.

# Possibilities to input user's soil pressure coefficients.

# Reinforcement design for upper stem, lower stem, toe and heel.

# Unit systems, properties, load and resistance factors, reinforcement design method, and page setup from last editing become the default for new design.

# Possibilities to add other loads on wall.

# Provide stability resistances from a shear key, toe passive soil pressure, adjacent structure, anchors or piles.

# Enable or disable a shear key, water or seismic.

# Support metric, SI and British unit systems.

# Easy, clear, quick and simple software operation.

# Help facilities.

Visit for more information.

Download trial version from

Price for full version: US Dollar 100

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Laddie Kuta

Hi Dhani,

I recently purchased RetainWall 2.60 but have had no reply email from Javasoft on my license.  Could you please tell me when I can expect my licensed version?