Logman 8.0.1

Logman 8.0.1 - http://geosoftvnn.com Programed by geotechnical engineers, who know what you need. Different from other geotechnical softwares, which have only one copy of a version, we can make more copies for customer. GeoSoftVNN believe that Users are quite right. We will bring you all we have! Download the trial on my website

All are tables data We love table (data sheet) as much as you do, so Logman 8.0 will open data on more table. Borehole log table, lithology table, cross data table and more...

Less data input A common Lithology for all Boreholes, so do not worry. All thing can be input on each other Borehole log's data. More combo data with customization.

Smart join layer You can see more on my website: http://geosoftvnn.com

Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Software Geotechnical Investigations & In-Situ Testing

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