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I am Ralph Raymond Pineda, currently a 5th year civil engineering student at the University of Santo Tomas, Philippines, and I am currently doing my thesis entitled: "Feasibility of Used Polyethylene (PE) Tarpaulins as Geosynthetic for Soil Reinforcement". I would like to ask how will I be able to analyze welded portions of the tarpaulins and how to analyze if I were to double the thickness of the tarpaulin sheet by putting one on top of the other. My study's framework includes: Analysis on the effect of exposure of tarpaulins to local environment condition, effect of printed inks on tarpaulin sheets, and analysis of welded sections on the tarpaulin sheets, to the mechanical properties including: tensile strength, tearing strength and breaking strength. If you have any suggestions or ideas please do tell me. It will be a great help on my study. Thanks and Good day.

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Well, honestly speaking we are into different disciplines. I have been working into research company for couple of years, but your research seems to be difficult though. I would probably ask some of my friends who are still working in the research industry about your concerns.

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Hello all, Today I am writing my doctoral thesis. It is difficult to predict how long it takes to write but I find it really annoying and time consuming. If you're as in your last step I would also like to hear what you think. How long it takes to write a doctoral thesis? If you have any survival tips .. Please share with us .. Cheers,

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I would like to say about the topic. It is really amazing topic which is about Feasibility of Used Polyethylene (PE) Tarpaulins as Geosynthetic for Soil Reinforcement. I really like it and you have definitely done the good job while preparing it.

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It Would be hard to test the thickness you should consider the conditions that it will face like; heat, rain and other components like rodents.