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I have a few questions regarding deep excavation analysis with Plaxis. I am trying to explore CBP with 3 level of anchorage for 4 storey basement. My questions are as follows:

1. Let say i want to use a 20t anchor. If i prestressed the anchor, the input of the prestressed is in kN/m. Should i divide the 20t with the out of plane spacing?

2. The anchor's output displayed in the table is in kN/m. If i want to get the individual anchor force, should i multiply with the out of plane spacing?

Thank you

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Asked 22/08/2016 09:23, updated: 26/07/2021 16:47
Liyana Rusman

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Francisco Martinuzzi

the answer is yes to both questions.

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Micha Van der Sloot

Hi Liyana

In the latest PLAXIS 2D versions, we improved this behavior: you can now specify the anchor properties and the prestress value in the phases per anchor. Here, the units are giving you a hint as well, as the prestressing unit is now in kN.

For the results, these are now also shown per anchor, showing the results in [kN] (or which force unit you picked)

Kind regards,

Micha van der Sloot
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