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I am an aspiring Geotechnical Engineer and I am very curious to know if there are any resources to help me find possible internships in my field of choice. Currently, I am in my fourth year of my undergrad and I live in Los Angeles so anything in this area would be great. Also, if you have any advice to give me on how to better obtain my goal of becoming a Geotechical Engineer it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you ahead of time for reading and responding to my post!

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Asked 30/09/2014 00:58, updated: 14/03/2017 10:08
Reynold Wong

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Hi Reynold,

You can check out a list of internships on the ceecareers.com website here:

There are a few that are geotechnical, but they are not necessarily in your area. We are presently working on integrating a jobs and internships session within GeoWorld.

We hope that helps. Geoengineer.org