Python for Geotechnical Engineering


I have intermediate knowledge of Python and have mostly used Python for Data Science. I would like to know how can I utilize Python in geotechnical engineering. If anyone can suggest to me relevant Python packages as well as tutorials for geotechnical engineering specific to numerical modeling, I will be very thankful.


Dr. Aali Pant

Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Rock Mechanics Analysis Research Shallow Foundations Geotechnical Investigations & In-Situ Testing Ground Improvement

Asked 09/02/2021 08:58, updated: 11/02/2021 07:44
Aali Pant

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Micha Van der Sloot

Hi Dr. Aali Pant,

PLAXIS 2D/3D has a nice Python interoperability/API entry.
See here for more details and cookbook examples:

The latest example we added is actually very interesting: Automatically generated cross-sections of embankments

We also did a high-level demo in this on-demand webinar (you would need a Bentley Account for this): 

Kind regards,

Micha van der Sloot
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