reliability analysis based on finite element method

Hi, everybody, it's happy to find such a nice place from the internet. I am very interested in reliability analysis in geotechnical engineering. Is there any good way to conduct reliability analysis based on finite element method except for Monte Carlo simulation (that's too time-consuming)? I will be mostly grateful if you can give me some advice.

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Asked 04/02/2005 15:10, updated: 01/08/2019 12:15

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Sanjay Jha

You posted your question in 2005. By today, you might have found many answers. If not, the following references are better for reliability analysis in geotechnics using PEM in deterministic FEM. 1. Schweiger, H.F., Thurner, R., and Pottler, R. 2001. Reliability analysis in geotechnics with deterministic finite elements. International Journal of Geomechanics, 1(4): 389-423. 2. Marinilli, A., and Cerrolaza, M. 1999. Computational stochastic analysis of earth structure settlements. Computers and Geotechnics, 25: 107-121.

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A method of nonlinear finite element reliability analysis (FERA) of slope stability based on slip surface stress analysis is proposed in this paper. The main effort of this method lies in the calculation of gradient of stress and gradient of plastic matrix with respect to basic variables. Supposing the soil mass is elasto-plastic and meets Mohr-Coulomb yield criterion, the formulae of these gradients are deduced. The advantage of this method is that it can calculate both the reliability index and the corresponding position of slip surface. =================================

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Can you please some more info regarding FERA?? TY

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Hi! I am new here. I just would like to ask if, which among the Monte Carlo simulation and the Stochastic Finite Element Method (SFEM) is more powerful and robust tool for today's engineer, as far as analytical reliability estimation is concerned? Thank you!