Slope Monitoring Instrumentation Installation issues.

Site: A landslide site with transportation corridor impacted. Issue: Want to install some kind of instrumentation to locate the slide plane, but high artesian pressures [reportedly 20 feet above ground surface] make installation difficult. An attempt to install a slope inclinometer was abandoned several years ago. Thoughts: Is there a method to install a slope inclinometer casing under these conditions? Alternative options? I have done a brief review of TDR, but it looks like the cable needs a rigid casing such as grout. I looked into this thinking, if I can get the cable installed via some type of direct push method, then I would not have to deal with an artesian well at the surface. Are there methods that can install a deformation monitoring instrument of some sort using a direct push method? Let's assume the soil is mainly fine grained (which it should be based on previous investigations). Alternatively: Going to the site and obtaining CPT data and then targeting the high pore pressure areas and attempting to install drain wells equivalent to horizontal drains. Any other ideas are appreciated. Thanks.

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Asked 31/01/2008 02:46, updated: 12/06/2013 12:43