Slope Stabilization

In what condition we only use wiremeshing and shotcrete rather than soil nailing or another active slope protection?

Thankyou very much.

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Dimitrios Zekkos



wire meshing and shotcrete would only help you with very shallow failures, such as ravelling and surficial sloughing. For deeper instabilities you need to reinforce the slope (or buttress it) and soil nailing is one of the options. I hope that helps.

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Cyrillus Arthur Saputra

Dear Dimitrious Zekkos,

Thank you for your answer.
I hear about Q-system in rock mechanics to preliminary define a kind of support. Is there like Q-system to define a support in soil slope?

In my opinion, the parameter how to define using only wiremesh and shotcrete is safety of factor. But I don't think so because there's no references explaining it.

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Mohammad Amiri

The Q-system only describes support system in tunnels excavated in rocks.