Soil improvement/reinforcement for wind turbine foundations

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I have the task of suggesting a suitable ground improvement/reinforcement method for onshore wind turbine foundations with known dimensions according to a specific soil type and its properties. The methods I study are piles, micro-piles, rigid inclusions, stone columns, soil substitution and vibrocompaction. I have to make a software guide where the user must insert values as input and the output should be the suggested technique(s). My problem is that I am unsure of what input values should I look for and how to connect them to a specific technique. The soil properties are given from a pressuremeter test. During my research I found out that the grain size is important when it comes to selecting a technique. However, I am sure that the bearing capacity and maybe other parameters that I am unaware of are important too. I have read multiple geotechnical reports but the authors just give a method, they don't explain why they chose this method. I would be very grateful if some of you geotechnical engineers out there could help me because I feel a bit lost. 

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Boris Kasabov

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Salahudeen Bunyamin

Authors do not normally explain why they chose certain parameters for methods because the parameters themselves depend on the methods. Normally, the methods depend on parameters inclusive and having direct or indirect relationship with the method in question. To me, getting the methods and their associated parameters is enough to kick start your project. Knowing why parameters are chosen is explained expressly with the requirements of the method under consideration.

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If you have pressuremeter test results, this is quite enough to provide a suitable solution. On the other hand, it is important to have soil classification information as basic data in the design process. If it is an onshore project, I would recommend that you employ screw/helical piles, as they are easy to install (aprox. rate of installation - 1.8m/min), then join them with a pile cap on top which would already have the needed anchors to receive the wind turbine. Another advantage with this technology is that the fabricant of the helicals will provide free of charge foundation design. You can send me an email, then I can send you photos of some case studies we have had in this regard.

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