Soil improvement/reinforcement for wind turbine foundations

Hello everyone,

I have the task of suggesting a suitable ground improvement/reinforcement method for onshore wind turbine foundations with known dimensions according to a specific soil type and its properties. The methods I study are piles, micro-piles, rigid inclusions, stone columns, soil substitution and vibrocompaction. I have to make a software guide where the user must insert values as input and the output should be the suggested technique(s). My problem is that I am unsure of what input values should I look for and how to connect them to a specific technique. The soil properties are given from a pressuremeter test. During my research I found out that the grain size is important when it comes to selecting a technique. However, I am sure that the bearing capacity and maybe other parameters that I am unaware of are important too. I have read multiple geotechnical reports but the authors just give a method, they don't explain why they chose this method. I would be very grateful if some of you geotechnical engineers out there could help me because I feel a bit lost. 

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