Use of PLAXIS interfaces

Ok, this one might be a bit obvious but I have trouble understanding it.

What is the exact purpose of PLAXIS interfaces and when do we have to use them?

Also, what is the exact difference between a positive and a negative interface?

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Asked 10/01/2024 09:04, updated: 12/01/2024 07:23

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Micha Van der Sloot


Interfaces in PLAXIS can take account of proper soil-structure interaction, where relative displacements (including sliding) can occur between the structure and the adjacent soil.
More details here:

The naming in PLAXIS for these interfaces is mostly done to recognize which one is which. It is based on the (internal) direction of the line associated with the interface. It does not have a mechanical consequence if an interface is called Positive or Negative: the behaviour is controlled by the interaction, pressure equilibrium and relative movements of soil and structure causing e.g. shear stresses and -strains, and allowable shear stress in the interface.

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Micha van der Sloot