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Welcome to the Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering and Soil Dynamics Bulletin Board & Forum. The purpose of the forum is to post announcements and exchange ideas (ask questions and/or post answers) and experiences on geotechnical earthquake engineering. This forum is a feature of the Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering Portal (http://earthquake.geoengineer.org/). The purpose of the portal is to collect and classify information and resources on geotechnical earthquake engineering. Information at this point is classified in 9 categories:

liquefaction engineering,

eq events & reports,

site response analysis,

seismic slope stability,

photo gallery,

ground motions,

design codes,

research institutes,


We hope you will find the portal useful in your work.

Adda Athanasopoulos

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I am new in this forum. Hope the attempts taken by the members will help new members like myself. Thnxxx

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Hi I'm new here. I hope to get various information here. Thanks for sharing.