Where are all the Civil and Geotech Engineers? a shortage?

Hello all: I am an Executive Search Consultant with a bunch of gray hair (read experience) and i am blown away by what seems to be a shortage of Civil and GeoTech engineers. Is this true? where are they? are Universities just not graduating them? It is such a great profession in terms of the work, interpersonal action and reward. I guess all the engineers are going into gaming or high tech directions. Let me know what you think? Bobby Z

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Asked 15/02/2008 02:44, updated: 01/08/2019 11:42

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It is all becuse of marketing.When student see a highrise building, he begin to dream (it wuld be great for me to desing such a thing). What he can not see, are foundations

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I'm afraid you're right. There is a shortage of geotechnical engineers not only in North America but all over the world. And unfortunately the market alone cannot solve this problem because not all the companies will be able to hire well trained, experienced engineers. I believe we will see poorly designed structures more often, hopefully overdesigned.

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There is a shortage of geotechnical engineers not only in America but all over the world. The main problem is all companies not able to hire the well trained and experienced.

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I believe there is in fact a shortage. The only solution is to try and hire them directly from their current employers. Bottom line is that the only way to solve this is with long term investment in the talent. Meaning companies will have to start hiring entry level engineers and developing their careers and professional path such as to develop the senior geotech engineers that are needed. This is similar to what is happening in Aerospace as the 70s graduate generation retires and a big gap in talent exists between the retiring class and the new waves of aerospace engineers. Very little in the 40s-50s range. Michael Brit

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More worrying is that some colleges have an expected quota of graduates, and sometimes push through borderline students in order to meet it. :shock: