New License-Free OpenGround Upload Portal

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Published: 12 January 2022

We are pleased to announce that the Data Upload features for OpenGround are now available to use license-free via the new upload portal.

Any user with an OpenGround login, can visit the upload portal, select the appropriate project from the projects they have been granted access to, and upload CSV, gINT or AGS data directly to the import queue for the project.

This feature allows data to be checked and validated before submitting it, giving the data provider increased confidence and the project owner the reassurance that the data submitted has already passed the necessary validation checks. This can often save days off of the submission process!

Before a user can access the upload portal they must have:-

  • A Bentley Account for their email address
  • Have been granted access to at least one project with that email address.

Users who do not have a Bentley Account can create one by using the Don't have an account? Register now displayed at the bottom of the upload portal login page.

Users who do not have access to the required project must contact the project owner and request access to the project.

Data suppliers cannot import data directly to a project. The data gets placed in the import queue which the project manager can review and import it using the Manage Imports option in OpenGround Professional (as shown below).

Visit the following links for more information on OpenGround.

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