Determine slope stability for simple slopes on your mobile device

Falko Schmidt
Published: 8 July 2020

This is an example of a factor of safety evaluation of a reinforced earth slope or mechanical stabilized earth (MSE) slope with the app SimpleSlope.

Slopes inclination is 85º and heigth 6m of non cohesive soil, a dead load on top and several layers of 6 m long reinforcement (strips).

Factor of global safety is obtained applying Bishop's method of slices. Slope Stability by the Method of Slices.

After calculation, a report containing all relevant and detailled results can be created and sent to coworkers or clients. The calculation is carried out as well for a small earthquake. Water can be added as well to the slope. The app can be set up for using imperial units and SI units.

see a video for MSE wall here:

You can get the app here:


Slope Stability Analysis, Seismic Slope Stability, Slope Stabilization, Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls, Retaining Walls


Soil, Geotechnical analysis, Soil mechanics