Discover ParaView post-processing environment for PLAXIS 3D calculation (Tech Preview)

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Published: 8 January 2021
With the release of PLAXIS 3D CONNECT Edition Update 4 (20.04), new options for advanced post-processing are being offered with the PLAXIS Output software now capable of exporting all the results to a ParaView file format. On this page, you will find a list of short demo videos introducing the use of ParaView for post-processing PLAXIS 2D and 3D model results.



Introduction: How to export PLAXIS 3D output results into ParaView



Performing PLAXIS geometry/mesh object selection interactively in ParaView


Fundamentals of PLAXIS model element selection




Alternatives techniques for PLAXIS model element selection and introduction to grouping



Advanced PLAXIS model results rendering


Introduction to advanced model result rendering




How to superimpose animated plots and curves in one view in ParaView




How to superimpose curves over different phases in ParaView




Extrude 2D axisymmetric results in 3D space



Some scripting examples


Easily generate Python scripts using Python command tracing option of ParaView




Automation of curves superposition over multiples phases made easy




Working with large PLAXIS model data





Finite Element / Finite Difference, Data Management




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