Dams & Embankments (TC210)

Dams & Embankments (TC210)

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Technical Committee


TC Chair: Limin Zhang

To promote co-operation and exchange of information concerning research and developments in geotechnical issues of dam construction among TC members and ISSMGE member societies.
1.   Promote conferences, short courses, webinars, theme lectures etc. Provide links from TC210 website.
2.   Encourage members to contribute to ISSMGE programmes.
3.   Launch an ISSMGE TC210 conference series: International Conference on Geotechnics  of Embankment Dams. The first conference is tentatively arranged in 2020 in Chengdu, China, which is close to a number of modern highrise rockfill dams.  
4.   Launch an ISSMGE lecture in honour of a distinguished researcher in embankment dam engineering.
5.   Launch a Developing Country Training Program, which supports delegates from developing countries to attend conferences and training programs organised by TC210.

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