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Dr. Tiwari, On our initial read we have some preliminary claifications that we would like. We have found no clarification thread so far, therefore we are listing them here. 1. Under 10.B, Execution - Construction Stage, there is no mention of the time given to fabricate the wall and/or attach the reinforcement to the wall. Will this be timed seperately from loading of the backfill? 2. Under 10.c, Execution - Loading Stage, there is a reference to Figure 5. There does not appear to be a Figure 4 or Figure 5. Will a figure be added or is listed dimension of 5" from the front wall comprehensive? Thank you for your consideration, ASCE CSUN
Posted: 17/09/2016 20:28

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Binod Tiwari

1) In Section 10b: As mentioned in the last paragraph of this section, a total of 25 minutes are allocated for the entire construction stage, which oncludes the time a team constructs the wrapped MSE wall until the backfill line is covered. 2) There should not be a reference to Figure 5 (It is a typo). The surcharge load should be placed centered 5 inches from the back face of the removable panel, as mentioned in section 10.c ii) of the rule.

Point Park University

Dr. Tiwari, We have noticed that there is no adhesive material listed in the 2017 Rules. Does this mean that adhesive material is prohibited from this years competition? Thank you.

Binod Tiwari

You are right. Adhesive materials, stapling etc. are prohibited.

GeoWall at UCLA

Is tape one of the adhesive materials that will be prohibited?

Binod Tiwari