Discussion Topic : TC306 launches Educational Video “What happens when soil compresses”, using best instructional practices

TC306 and its Chair Prof. Marina Pantazidou are pleased to launch an educational video on “What happens when soil compresses” using best instructional practices, and make it available through ISSMGE’s Virtual University platform. Specifically:

Segmenting a presentation in smaller subsections (recommended 7-15 min) facilitates attendance, and the subsection titles help the audience grasp the logical structure of the webinar/course. The platform interface makes it apparent that the subsections are parts of the same course. Attendees are guided to view them sequentially, while they are free to choose their own viewing order.

  • Subsections are accompanied with quizzes of multiple choice questions.

Research evidence has shown that frequent quizzes result in higher learning gains than reviewing. Questions may have a single or multiple correct answers; the number of correct answers may be specified or not (for added challenge). Wrong answers can be accompanied with a short commentary. NOTE: Quizzes are visible only in the “Enroll” mode, not in the “View” mode.

  • The presentation slides and transcript are available for download.

The availability of the slides and transcript allow for quick and targeted reviewing of the presentation, which can become cumbersome in a watch-only mode. This feature also facilitates peer review, which will raise the standard of VU content.

  • The transcript appears as text next and below the presentation slides.

This feature also facilitates attendance and is particularly helpful for presenters and attendees whose native language is not English.

Posted: 09/02/2021 12:46