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Dear ISSMGE members,

TC105 invites you to join the TC105 Round Robin exercise on DEM simulation.

The discrete element method (DEM) is a powerful tool for to develop fundamental understanding of the behavior of geomaterials at the scale of the individual particles.Although its potential is broadly accepted, one issue is the availability of standard example problems to verify DEM simulation codes and confirm that these codes are being correctly used. Many researchers and engineers find this difficult owing to the complexity of granular material behavior; analytical verifications exist only for limited, highly ideal cases. Furthermore, many different DEM implementations and codes exists, and it is important to understand how the accuracy is influenced by the implementation details. One solution is to quantify the error between the simulation results and the response observed in a real, physical simulation. There is a need for a benchmark simulation with accompanying physical test data. The TC 105 Japanese domestic committee has prepared a round robin test for DEM simulations. We welcome anyone who would like to participate in this round robin activity.

Please see the following website for the details.


This activity is led by Prof Yukio Nakata (Yamaguchi University) of the Japanese Geotechnical Society. 

The deadline to express your interest in joining this activity is November 30, 2019. Please send your email to s_mori  irides.tohoku.ac.jp.


Posted: 05/10/2019 18:40

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Hamzah M. B. Al-Hashemi

Dear Dr. Moriguchi,



I came to know about this study for the use of DEM in Geotechnical Engineering. I have simulated the AoR using a hollow-lifting cylinder test using the EDEM package. I have done it for sand particles both numerically and physically. However, I found that the AoR is dependant on the post-processing method (i.e., Matlab codes, image processing, linear regression line method, Arc tan method, etc.). I want to participate in this event, but sadly I have no access anymore to EDEM.


I am planning to publish my simulation results soon. Also, I would like to cooperate with your kind side on DEM research; especially, the coupled one with CFD, SPH, MPM, and FEM because I believe this will boost the Geotechnical analyses capabilities. I have also used Molecular-level modeling for soil using Materials Studio (from BIOVIA) to evaluate micro to macro behavior.


Recently, I have published an extensive review about the AoR in Powder Technology; please feel free to access it here:





Thank you.



Sincerely yours,


Hamzah M. Beakawi Al-Hashemi, A.M.ASCE