Discussion Topic : Better solution for geotechnical engineering (GE) for future

Ⅰ. How to improve poor recognition of the value of geotechnical engineering (GE) among people?

GE is called “DIRTY ENGINEERING (its joke) but is it real?

Actually, people are not interested in underground invisible world. Income is low and GE is only worker under client.

That was the past fact. Now future generation is not thinking like that because he wants to change the future which he lives.


Ⅱ. Better georisk management is an opportunity to demonstrate the professional value of geotechnical engineers

So, how do we appeal our professional image of GE? This measure is not clear.

In th GE world, “no news is good news”. It’s a little bit poor appeal to the world.

Georisk management is the success direction as GE and very hopeful word for GE. We are consistent to defend georisk management success case and appeal its importance strongly to the world.


Ⅲ. Contribution of GE to good future of human : this has to be visible to people

Next generation is thinking about our future jobs. For example, we shift our original soil research to focusing on defense human civilization against suffering from Stronger natural disasters ; heavy rain, flood, drought, famine, etc.

And water resources and energy resources from earth.

Tell me your proposal.


Ikuo Towhata, Chair of Professional Image Committee, ISSMGE

Posted: 15/10/2020 17:54
Naoto Okada