Discussion Topic : Geo Risk Management Case 1

This is from Azuno Keigo in CKC(Chuo Kaihatsu Corp) which master the research of Japanese subsurface and feature of the dangerous subsurface during construction.

He says that the geo risk management is effective about time.

Time is money.

And this case is the road embankment and first the engineer could not find the bad condition of subsurface because the engineer was believing that this subsurface's consolidation was already completed by extra embankment.

But, in the reality, that road sank when only the drain constructed near that road and additional boring survey was constructed.

Finally, the engineer can find in that subsurface under that road embarkment, consolidation was not completed. This happening occured the loss of money and time.

How do you think that cost of geo risk management?

Is it expensive?

It's not expensive for the stakeholder to prepare geo risk and manage geo risk and allocate much money to pre-research of subsurface because this action will give you satisfaction of safety and much time and money.

Posted: 14/11/2020 13:14, updated: 14/11/2020 13:37
Naoto Okada