Discussion Topic : PIC account and start up dissemination for PIC

Hi, I'm Naoto Okada from Japan.

I will start up dissemination for PIC activities with chair of PIC, Prof Ikuo Towhata.

Please keep it!

Ⅰ. Our committee towards improved image of geotechnical profession

Mr. Towhata works as the chairman of Professional Image Committee (PIC) which is one of Board Level Committee in international geotechnical society.

Our mission is that we present the importance and the social contribution of the geotechnical engineering to the world and also the importance of the investigation for correctly evaluating geo risk to the society and the employer based on the accumulated geo risk management examples.


Ⅱ. Case Shows the Importance of Geo Risk Management

We collaborate Geo Risk Society of Japan and Japan Geotechnical Consultants Association and analyze the accumulated geo risk management examples.

And we evaluate three types of construction management result. A is the success case of geo risk management and B is the failure case of geo risk management and finally, C is the intermediate management case. After the analysis of A, B, C types, we think the fact is that profit by geo risk management is more than additional investigation budget. That’s why we say that the geotechnical investigation is effective.


The employer may get some satisfaction from the hedge of geotechnical problems for example, sink and collapse and can reduce the total construction cost by upgrading investigation and streamlined design according to this analysis. If he finds some risk early, he will avoid the worst and get rid of some anxiety.

So, the employer can get profit between possible cost without risk management and real cost with risk management and also shortened construction period by geo-risk management.


In the finance, success is that the profit is more than risk management cost, but even if the profit is less than risk management cost, the employer may have inward for the hope of trouble avoidance. He decides to pay much money to the additional investigation.


Ⅲ. We want your opinion for improvement and cooperation for activities.

The doctor for medicine and the doctor for geotechnical engineering have a lot in common in terms of the fact that both needs inspection(investigation) and surgery(construction), so the latter can get higher income, but he doesn’t decide investigation and construction as he likes because he is promised to complete the mission by the employer and are not easy to try and error in inspection(investigation) and surgery(construction).

We want your opinion for improvement and cooperation for activities.

Ikuo Towhata, Chair of Professional Image Committee, ISSMGE

Posted: 12/09/2020 13:47, updated: 12/09/2020 14:05
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