Discussion Topic : Engineered and natural slopes - protection and stabilisation systems (RP1065)

CIRIA are currently developing an events programme for 2018 with project sponsors Atkins, Maccaferri and BAM Ritchies.

This project will improve industry awareness, understanding and application of protection and stabilisation systems for engineered and/or natural slopes.

A key facet is the delivery of a programme consisting of;

  • an ‘engineered slopes’ event
  • a ‘natural slopes’ event and
  • a workshop to identify and prioritise future CIRIA research and event proposals.

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Posted: 03/01/2018 20:38
Lee Kelly

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John Steven Metzger

We would like to support the option of pre-installation monitoring and post installation reviews with our radar monitoring tools.





Lee Kelly

Hi John,

Thank you for the response. The techiques sounds sounds interesting. Ground penetrating radar is a useful technique for identifying ground condition as well as voids. I've seen it used in the UK. Are there other radar techniques that have reached the ground investigation market in recent years, perhaps not so widely adopted in the UK or more used in other sectors other than construction?

Kind regards,