Discussion Topic : Time Capsule

The ISSMGE has created a Time Capsule Project encompassing the centenary of the ISSMGE (2036). Between other activities, academic institutions will be requested to write their opinions or achievements, for future generations to come.

Here is where the time capsule committee would like to ask for your opinion. We would love to have your input about any additional topics to those listed below that you believe should be sent to the academic institutions. Please let us know by sending us an email to [email protected] before February 5th of 2021.

- Which technical advances we believe should have been already been achieved by 2036?
- Differences in professional career depending on the country of origin
- Gender diversity in the profession
- How the young geotechnical engineers are helped (or not) in progressing in their careers.
- Public image of geotechnical engineers
- What your institution is doing during COVID 19 to make a difference
- Artificial intelligence and what benefits/downsides
- Waste in geotechnical engineering (over design, redesign, confrontations, claims, collapses)
- How does your institution train the undergraduates
- What is the industry saying about the undergraduates training
- What contribution to managing climate change
- What contribution to resilience and sustainability
- What contribution to international collaboration in the profession
- Why do we still persist with very old technologies to investigate the ground
- Cross-industry collaborations
- Health and safety in ground engineering

Posted: 26/01/2021 11:10
Lucy Wu