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the company I work for, specializing in geotechnical and environmental surveys and engineering services, has received a request for a quotation for the execution of 40 cores and SPT hole tests and sampling at an industrial site in Assiut ( Egypt), the cores have a maximum depth of 40 m but most of them are 20 m deep. I would like some information on local drilling companies available to cooperate with us for the requested investigation. Thanking you in advance

Marco Uliano

Soil Mechanics / Geotechnical Business Geotechnical Investigations & In-Situ Testing

Asked 29/04/2019 19:35, updated: 03/05/2019 23:54
Marco Uliano

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Dimitrios Zekkos


maybe this listing of geo-companies in Egypt from the Geotechnical Business Directory is useful to you?

It may be worthwhile to connect to them. Alternatively, you may want to contact individuals in Egypt.  A listing of them is here: