Ground Control: Six ways transportation projects can meet their subsurface challenges

There are 167.5 million crossings every day on 43,578 US bridges considered structurally deficient and in poor condition and a similar story has played out in other nations over the past decade. Addressing this global historic infrastructure gap has been a hot topic in the past 12 months, but it is by no means going to be simple.

Given the challenges geotechnical engineers face in terms of limited availability of subsurface data, and the time and money spent on site investigations, it makes sense to take care of your data every step of the way. Its also vital to get the most leverage from it through more productive engineering geology interpretation, and to share your understanding with 3D visualisations that bring the subsurface uncertainties and engineering challenges to life for both technical and non-technical stakeholders.

Seequent has just published a new ebook which includes a practical guide to:

  • Understanding and planning for complex ground conditions
  • Using digital transformation to deliver better infrastructure faster
  • Maintaining reliability across decades of change
  • Reducing site investigation costs with agile technology
  • PLUS 9 key software solutions to improve collaboration, keep stakeholders better informed, and deliver exceptional subsurface analysis

Seequent is now part of Bentley Systems and together their solutions above and below ground bridge the gaps between geoscience, ground engineering, and infrastructure design and construction. 

This eBook shares perceptive viewpoints from a team of experts around Seequent and Bentley, including their insights, tips and inspiration to change things up in your approach to ground engineering for transportation.

Download Ground Control eBook


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